10 Reasons to Say Be Mine to EmergeTMS


Emerge Freight Procurement Platform

Evaluating new freight technology or software is a time-consuming process with several variables to consider.

We’ve provided 10 reasons to consider the Emerge platform to help your team manage your quoting, tendering and tracking process.

1. Built by freight experts:

Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in freight, logistics, shipping and more. We designed our system to help professionals work smarter and faster.

2. It’s free:

We don’t mean “we need your credit card so we can charge you later free.” We mean Emerge is “straight up no BS for real free!”

3. Track your trucks:

See your shipments on a map in real-time. View traffic, weather, as well as delivery status changes and share them with your contacts.

4. Build loads in seconds:

Supercharge your output, our platform is designed to get things done quickly.

5. Send multiple quotes and award tenders from one place:

That’s right, our all-in-one system lets you send out quotes to your existing partners, view read receipts and award tenders to the partner of your choice.

6. Save frequently used lanes:

We’re all about saving you time and this feature allows you to store lane details so you don’t have to re-enter all that information.

7. Analytics and reporting:

Keep a close eye on partner performance, response rate and more.

8. Chat with your partners:

No need to make calls or send emails, just send a chat and communicate in real-time.

9. Mobile friendly:

Emerge stays with you wherever you go so you never miss an opportunity.

10. Less emails, phone calls and spreadsheets:

We’ve been there, searching through the cluttered inbox, waiting for callbacks and organizing endless spreadsheets. Our system was built to put an end to all of that.

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