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The office has been bustling with excitement in anticipation of our newest feature, LTL Connect.

For the first time ever, Emerge becomes the only platform that allows its users to sign in to one place to access all of their LTL shipping rates.

Enter your current LTL vendors credentials to receive automated LTL rates, LTL tenders and LTL tracking. To put it simply, “We set out to build the ultimate LTL Management tool and it’s one of the biggest time savers the industry has seen,” says our CEO, Michael Leto. And he’s definitely one to listen to, having helped to create and manage GlobalTranz, one of the biggest brokerages around.

If you work in LTL logistics at your company, you are all too familiar with the day-to-day time-suck of logging in to website after website in search of the best rates from LTL companies. Add to that, the disorganization of sending out multiple emails and even more time lost waiting for a quote response. LTL Connect allows you to add your current partners into one platform which allows you to see all your rates in one place. Can you imagine the time saved?

“…it’s one of the biggest time savers the industry has seen.”

-Michael Leto

Not only can you see direct LTL rates from your current partners but you also get access to LTL companies outside of your network. If another carrier matches the criteria of your quote details, you’ll be presented with additional rate options. There has never been an easier way to expand your network and put you in full control of those relationships.

You must be thinking, “can it get any better?” Yes, it can. This powerful tool is free for anyone to use. We know that once you get your hands on Emerge, you’ll be named the office hero.

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