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Emerge Freight Procurement Platform

Have you read the reports?

With high freight demand and the new ELD Mandate, capacity is getting scarce and companies are continually working to maintain the right vendor mix. In these times, Logistics Managers have to ask themselves a couple of questions:

  • What is the right mix of Brokers/Carriers in their network?
  • What methods are utilized to source their trucks?

In my twenty years of experience, I’ve learned that most of the shipping community uses e-mail, excel spreadsheets and even whiteboards to communicate the organization’s logistical needs and source the equipment necessary to move its products. With limited trucks and limited tools, it is becoming increasingly harder for the “modern” Logistics Manager to keep track of carrier management, much less drive efficiencies.

The solution to this capacity crunch, for every small to mid-size business, is to have the perfect balance of carriers, the ability to manage from one location and have access to smarter analytics for better decision making about their freight. Managing carriers and sourcing equipment has never been easier through our free TMS platform.

Together we can Visualize, Source and Communicate through this capacity crunch and take control of the process of moving freight domestically.

Have a Freight Day!
– Michael Leto | Emerge CEO

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