Going Visual Trucking Joins The 21st Century


Emerge Freight Procurement Platform

Nowadays, everything is “on a map.”

From ordering groceries or dinner, to ordering an Uber to get around town, our day-to-day activities are being streamlined to not only make almost any task convenient but to provide peace of mind through visibility. One of the most stubborn industries out there, when it comes to change, is logistics. Whiteboards, fax machines and flip phones are still industry tools that are being used to manage freight, when so many technological options are available.

Old Habits Die Hard

Long gone are the days where we hail a taxi or wait aimlessly for our food to be delivered. Over the past decade, technology has improved our ability to visualize our world. Customer-friendly interfaces and online portals make the oldest tasks even simpler than picking up the phone.

Think about the last time you ordered a pizza – did you pick up the phone or order online?

Phone users should realize that the pizza companies are pushing for you to order online. Actually, if you (and the other phone people) stopped calling them, they could make your pizza faster and cheaper. There will be a point in time that you will not be able to call in your order for a pizza, and it will be a day that drives maximum efficiencies to the current process.

To our online orderers, wasn’t it amazing to see when your pizza hit the oven? When Tina loaded it up in her car? When it was on its way to your door?

Utilizing the tools presented to you will make your life easier, but the initial time you have to invest is something not everyone is willing to do.

Technology Earns Trust

It may have taken longer than some of us expected and there is a handful of us who are still skeptical. However, the time has come and no one should get left behind.

Not only are visibility portals available and relevant, but TMS systems are also providing the ability to simplify operations from cradle to grave. Large companies have been utilizing TMS systems internally for decades and recent advances are promoting similar capabilities for even the smallest operation.

Decades ago, the new tech was satellite-based GPS which was directly installed in trucks. Although tracking was “improved,” the process to get there was anything but. The thought was right, but the execution was flawed.

Today, current solutions are not only more powerful and accurate, but they are also far easier to implement. One might say, as simple as ordering a pizza.

Knowledge Is Power: Control Is Key

As our customers begin to adopt new technologies, transportation-specific needs are beginning to emerge.

Lack of time and installation requirements are giving small-to-midsize shippers capabilities that were once believed too time-consuming to implement. Visibility has proven to be one of the first steps towards the future.

Thanks to companies like Macropoint, Fourkites and 10-4 Systems, real-time visibility and data can be in your hands as early as today.

It is with a similar system that, a shipping manager can regain ownership of their day-to-day. The ability to view shipments moving throughout the country provides multiple benefits. Not only is your internal team’s time freed up for additional tasks, externally your customer service levels will undoubtedly improve.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be one step ahead?

Why Emerge Is the Answer

Until now, “visibility” was subject to tracking your shipment. What if you could quote, tender, and track all in the same system? Emerge handles all of the above.

From quoting to tendering loads, attaching documents and everything in between, Emerge is taking visibility to unexplored heights.

Not only is the system designed to mitigate email and phone call usage, you finally have a place to store all information in one location.

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