The Pursuit of Happiness: Finding Your Purpose in Product, Technology

Kyle Jepson

Kyle Jepson - Pursuit of Happiness in Product

At the start of my product journey, I wanted to do one thing: make an impact. Over the years, I saw startups turn into large technology companies that then turned into household names. Clearly, they had made an impact on society, and I wanted to do the same. 

That in mind, I set out on my own pursuit of happiness and found my purpose at Emerge — “looking ahead, no turning back,” as Kid Cudi would say. 

Do you find happiness in creating something new? Are you searching for a team of people who are passionate about the products they build and the impact they create? Do you like a healthy challenge that allows you to showcase your skill sets? Do you get excited at the thought of putting those talents to use for a cutting-edge product company?

If you’re like me and answered yes to any of the above, you might have a home on the Emerge product team. 

Pursuing Happiness While Making a Difference

Supply chain and logistics touch everything — literally, everything. From the groceries we receive, to clothing, building supplies, and important medical equipment, our supply chain ultimately played a role in these items reaching their destination. 

Our industry is widely recognized as one of the largest, untapped markets in desperate need of modernization. If you weren’t aware — supply chain and logistics processes are still largely left in the stone ages, with manual, labor-intensive processes prevailing. Knowing that, we built Emerge.

Over the past few years, investors have begun to catch up with the TAM/SAM/SOM opportunities in this space, recognizing the huge potential. While it’s one thing to recognize the potential, it is unrealistic to claim to go after the entire global supply chain.

Per the great Kid Cudi, “Everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold.”

Luckily, at Emerge, we sit squarely on the leading-edge of the procurement space, with extensive technology, market, and industry expertise. Our focus is currently on the $400B for-hire trucking market within the United States, with an ever-evolving roadmap of products gaining traction as we continue heading upstream. While we are currently in a great position, the goal is to continue growing and ultimately introduce our platform to the $2.7 trillion global logistics market. And, the way we do that is with a strong product team.

Digitalization For the Modern Supply Chain 

In the B2B world (especially when it comes to procurement), it’s crazy how many opportunities there are to digitize products. For this market, the opportunity for disruption is similar to how Slack is getting people out of email, or is moving people out of spreadsheets.

Similarly, the focus for Emerge is on digitalizing the entire freight procurement process. In other words, we intend to simplify how companies can find the best trucks at the best rates. What we do drives efficiencies in their processes, and in turn, significantly reduces costs, improves transparency, and automates their previously time-consuming practices.

Doing More With Data

We all know that data is the new oil. But, what we do with it makes all the difference. Real opportunities and value exist where data is generated but not consumed. That’s a perfect description of shipping operations at many large companies. 

The good news is that shipping is an inherently data-rich process, and since few companies know what to do with all of that data — a golden opportunity exists.

At Emerge, we’re helping companies use their data to make better long-term strategic and day-to-day decisions, in ways they wouldn’t have been able to do in the confines of a spreadsheet. Using data science and predictive insights, we deliver an advantageous product that improves the efficiency of their entire network. Using data science and predictive insights, we deliver advantages that improve the efficiency of their entire networks in ways shippers can’t produce on their own.

Impact: Beyond Transportation 

It was apparent to see, especially during the pandemic, the importance of the global supply chain and all that it touches – and with its indispensability comes responsibility. We see transportation as a key area where we can work together to make the biggest impacts on our climate and carbon emissions. The S&P recently wrote that “shipping could account for 17% of total annual CO2 emissions by 2050.” The efficiencies we are creating with our product solutions can be directly correlated to lowering that number.

Our impact goes beyond emissions, though. Ten percent of a product’s cost goes into producing it and getting it into stores for consumers. Improving logistics efficiencies drives down costs and saves money for everyone involved in the supply chain process – company, consumer, and everyone in between.

Ready For Something New?

Solving industry challenges, holding a shared vision, and the ability to do something meaningful – all three of these are pillars placed behind the products we’re building and the direction we’re moving. That’s our roadmap. 

If you have a similar vision for the future and want to make a difference, then Emerge is the place to take your pursuit of happiness and turn it into tangible success. 

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