What You Need To Know About The Emerge Truckload Marketplace


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The Emerge Marketplace is a way for shippers to interact with carrier & broker vendors that they’ve never had access to before.

Not only do we introduce the shipper to these new partners, but we streamline the onboarding, insurance, and communication that currently happens every day. We’re excited to partner with other companies who have similar technology or marketplace visions, which really differentiates us from anyone in the industry. If you’re new to the world of freight marketplaces check out, What Is a Freight Marketplace?

How is the Marketplace impacting the way customers do business?

We built our platform to automate and streamline the daily struggles of moving freight throughout the U.S. The transportation industry currently has a significant driver shortage, is extremely fragmented, and consistently faces changes in regulations. We feel that technology and optimization is one major way to offset these serious issues.

How does it help combat the capacity crunch?

Although current technology cannot add more drivers to the much-needed shortage, it can optimize and create efficiencies that greatly help the capacity crunch. By creating a platform that gives shippers access to new and real-time capacity, we can start to use technology to offset the driver shortage.

How complex is it to use? Is there a learning curve?

Emerge is extremely easy to use and shipper registration and onboarding can be done in minutes. Although we have a team of specialists available at all times, our goal is to make the Emerge platform as user-friendly as possible. Ready to see what Emerge can do for your business?  Schedule a quick demonstration today!

Are there any fees?

There are no fees for a shipper or vendor to get started on the Emerge platform. However, for Marketplace transactions, we have a transparent fee for utilizing our carrier/broker partners that are outside of the shipper’s current network.

What modes does it support?

Currently, the Emerge network supports all domestic (and Canada) truckload, less-than-truckload, and volume/partial shipments. This includes all modes of transportation with our core competencies in van, flatbed, refrigerated, rail, and heavy-haul. Later this year we will be including container, less-than-container, and air freight modes to our platform to complete our service offering.

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