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“I was able to book consistent lanes that covered 20-30 trucks a week. We submit our invoice and paperwork through Apex and have never had an issue getting paid."

Max Bee

DVS Transportation Inc.

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Fight unpredictable market volatility.

Upload your existing lanes and historical or current rates to understand how their rates compare with the industry.

Streamline access to business intelligence

Emerge Benchmarking does the “heavy lifting” for you – consolidating and updating data from numerous reliable sources in one place.

Using the best available lane-specific data from industry leaders like DAT and FreightWaves, shippers can make strategic moves to correct imbalances in real time.

Make strategic moves with confidence

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Breaking Bad: 
Conducting Full Truckload RFPs in the Age of Digital Freight Procurement

This white paper addresses the RFP process in the modern age with the assistance of developing technologies.

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"Technology has changed the trucking industry in ways that people never could have imagined. From e-bills of lading to GPS tracking and ELDs, the truckload market has completely transformed."

Breaking Bad:
Truckoad RFPs in the Age of Digital Freight Procurement.

This white paper addresses the RFP process in the modern age with the assistance of developing technologies.