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Expand your carrier network and discover how you can make the smartest decisions for your freight with Emerge.

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Access Direct Rates on Live Capacity

The Emerge Digital Freight Marketplace is designed to reduce your freight spend by providing complete supply chain visibility, real-time carrier performance analytics and a suite of tools to accelerate productivity and decrease labor costs.

Save Big in the Digital Freight Marketplace

A True Digital Freight Marketplace has arrived.

Work with your existing carrier network.

Access thousands of verified carriers in the Emerge network.

More options, more opportunities.

Complete supply-chain visibility into your operations.

See real-time carrier performance analytics.

Accelerate productivity and decrease labor costs.

Work with your existing carrier and broker network while tapping into the Emerge network of thousands of verified carriers. More options means more opportunity to access the best rates for your shipments, all without the hassle of setting up new provider options.

Your Carrier Network,