Advanced tools for advanced freight management

Put your team in the driver’s seat with tools built for their success.

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Not your average TMS

We turned a transportation management system into a solution. Rate intelligence, marketplace capacity, and shipment management in a single, free-to-use platform. Executing freight has never been more fun.


Freight Procurement Plus

Emerge’s platform for spot and contract freight procurement enables you to not only manage providers but access capacity, centralize pricing data, and gain rate intelligence to make awarding freight easy.

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Next generation tendering

Emerge’s TMS capabilities enable you to bid, tender, and track your loads as well as manage locations and carriers, see live market rates, and access capacity from a single platform. Plus, it’s free.

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Tracking & Visibility

See your freight from procurement to delivery

Experience industry-leading shipment tracking, powered by project44, for full freight visibility via Emerge’s freight procurement platform.

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Route Guides

Prioritize preferred carriers

Organize preferred Carriers and rate requirements for frequent shipping lanes using Emerge’s Route Guide. Use auto-award technology to save time covering freight.

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Procurement made easy

"Before Emerge, mini-bid procurement was all very manual and done through spreadsheets and email. With Emerge, we were able to easily shave off 50% of that time so we could focus on other areas."

Randy Cooper – Director of Transportation, Del Monte Foods Inc.


Shippers use Emerge every day to reduce cost, save time, and procure more intelligently.

Planning and procurement

From hot loads to RFP events, Emerge streamlines procurement from quote to award. Cover spot freight faster. Award contract freight intelligently. Save time and money.

Communication and execution

Manage shipments from tender to delivery with the tools you need to succeed. Lane-level Route Guide. Shipment-level chat and documentation. Plus tracking and visibility powered by project44.

All-in-one solution

Procurement and execution of spot and contract freight in a single platform. Built with purpose by freight professionals for freight professionals.

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