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What Carriers Need to Know About Book It Now

April 25, 2023

In today’s digital world, carriers are looking for faster and more efficient ways to book freight. Book It Now is a feature that allows carriers to book freight immediately instead of relying on manual processes of going back and forth with a shipper to agree on a rate. This feature is becoming increasingly popular as it provides an easier way for carriers to secure their spot freight without the hassle of negotiations. Let's take a closer look at how this feature works and why it's so beneficial for carriers. 

How Does Book It Now Work? 

Book It Now works by allowing shippers to list spot market loads with pre-negotiated rates, terms, and conditions. This means that carriers can book shipments quickly without having to spend time haggling over prices or waiting for quotes from the shipper. 

Why Use Book It Now to Book a Shipment

Book It Now offers numerous benefits for carriers in terms of cost savings and efficiency gains. By eliminating manual processes such as back-and-forth negotiations between carrier and shipper, this feature helps reduce costs associated with securing spot market loads while also reducing time spent searching for loads. Additionally, it helps streamline supply chain analytics by providing real-time visibility into current market rates so that carriers can make informed decisions about which loads will be most profitable for them in any given situation. Finally, this feature simplifies freight rate management by keeping track of all negotiated rates in one place so that carriers can quickly compare them against each other when needed.  

In conclusion, Book It Now is a great way for carriers to secure spot market loads without having to go through lengthy negotiations or wait for quotes from the shipper. This feature simplifies supply chain processes by providing real-time visibility into current market rates while also helping streamline freight rate management. Ultimately, this allows carriers to save both time and money when booking shipments. Join the Emerge Marketplace and get connected to quality shippers today.

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