Technology that plugs into your existing freight stack

Bring the Emerge suite of solutions to your existing supply chain technologies.

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Integrations that enhance impact

Trusted partners. Industry-leading data. We’ve brought the best together to better serve you. Connect Emerge’s capabilities to existing solutions to upgrade your workflow.

TMS SUpport

Plug and play Emerge's Marketplace capacity with your existing TMS

See how the biggest TMS's partner with Emerge to supercharge your existing procurement capabilities. Seamless integration allows you to access more capacity to drive competition without switching apps.

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Capacity LINK

Automatically receive rates from our suite of connected capacity partners.

Leverage your existing network and receive rates automatically.

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3rd-party integrations

Leverage the power of market insight makers, visibility providers, and more

Emerge natively integrates with p44 and others to surface superior real-time data.

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Procurement made easy

"Before Emerge, mini-bid procurement was all very manual and done through spreadsheets and email. With Emerge, we were able to easily shave off 50% of that time so we could focus on other areas."

Randy Cooper – Director of Transportation, Del Monte Foods Inc.


Shippers use Emerge every day to reduce cost, save time, and procure more intelligently.

Have an existing TMS?

No problem! Access the Emerge Marketplace to source new capacity from within your day-to-day freight execution platform.

Get rates instantly from your digital freight partners

Automatically receive rates on Spot quotes from your connected Capacity Link partners. Integrations with Uber and Convoy give you access to real-time, instant rates.

Native integrations with the best 3rd-party data sources

Emerge natively integrates with p44 and others to surface superior real-time data.

Supercharge your existing freight stack