Next generation tendering

Emerge’s TMS capabilities enables you to bid, tender, and track your loads as well as manage locations and carriers, see live market rates, and access capacity from a single platform. Plus, it’s free.

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Tendering OVERVIEW

Advanced tools for advanced freight management

Auto-tender to save time

Auto-tendering automatically tenders your load to your route guide options when quotes are built to save you time. You can also set a quote to auto-tender to the lowest option at the close of bidding.

Tracking by p44

Shipment tracking in our application is provided by Project44. Watch your shipment from origin to destination and receive real-time updates to rest easy or troubleshoot delays like a pro.

Rapid onboarding

Getting started with Emerge is easy. After a short registration process and approval timeframe, upload your network partners or go directly to the Marketplace to submit bids.