Intelligence embedded at your fingertips

Machine learning that brings Market data & procurement insights straight to your team.

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Intelligence OVERVIEW

Work smarter, not harder

We put you in the driver's seat of purpose-built tools that can check market rates, test scenarios, and deliver insights in minutes. Not hours. Not days.


Smarter RFPs start here

Dynamic RFP’s data analysis tool, Scenarios, thinks like you do. See strategy outcomes in minutes for faster, smarter RFPs.

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Rate Pulse

Market level insights at a glance

Emerge’s benchmarking feature, Rate Pulse, puts market rates for spot and contract freight procurement activities at your fingertips.

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Benchmark your Contract lanes

Know when to go to RFP. Compare contracted lanes to market rates to identify lanes at, above, or below market. Simply upload your lane data to generate a report in minutes.

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Carrier Scorecards

Reputation matters

Capture and surface internal team knowledge of carrier performance with Dynamic RFP’s Carrier Scorecards. Enhanced by industry-leading data, use scorecards to discover reputation and manage known and new carrier relationships.

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Real-Time Feedback

No more waiting on emails and spreadsheets

Streamline bid negotiation into a single platform to save time. Receive notifications and request new bids to cover freight efficiently and effectively.

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Instant booking drives Carrier action and cost savings

Dynamic Book It Now is a feature that enables Shippers to create spot quotes that can be instantly booked by Carriers. Built-in spot rate recommendations provide market rate intelligence saving you time and money.

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Procurement made easy

"Before Emerge, mini-bid procurement was all very manual and done through spreadsheets and email. With Emerge, we were able to easily shave off 50% of that time so we could focus on other areas."

Randy Cooper – Director of Transportation, Del Monte Foods Inc.


Shippers use Emerge every day to reduce cost, save time, and procure more intelligently.

Automation powered by you

We’ve built easy-to-use automation options into the freight procurement process. Enter requirements for lowest cost, routing guide, or target rate and set it to save time and money.

On-demand data

Not only can you manage events, quotes, and carriers in a single platform, you can even access decision-making data on demand. We put industry-leading data from  public and private sources exactly where you need it.

Intelligent insights delivered

Built for freight professionals by freight professionals, we know you best. Emerge delivers rate recommendations, savings opportunities, and performance insights to you. And you don’t even need to ask.

Use data to your advantage