Optimize and automate your freight procurement process

Save money, enhance productivity and manage all sourcing spend in one easy-to-use platform.

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The all-in-one platform to help shipper procure better.


Del Monte

Procurement made easy

"Before Emerge, mini-bid procurement was all very manual and done through spreadsheets and email. With Emerge, we were able to easily shave off 50% of that time so we could focus on other areas."

Randy Cooper – Director of Transportation, Del Monte Foods Inc.


Shippers use Emerge every day to reduce cost, save time, and procure more intelligently.


Reinventing Freight from Procurement to Delivery

Emerge transforms your freight strategy by connecting procurement, intelligence, execution, and integrations in one unified solution.

There's a new way to RFP

On-demand is the new annual. With access to the Marketplace, you can create and execute smarter, faster RFP events for contract freight to save time and money.

Spot procurement made easy

We provide the tools to make spot freight faster via the Emerge Marketplace. Manage quotes, track shipments, and get access to new capacity all in a single platform.

Instant access to 45,000+ fully-vetted carriers

Skip onboarding new carriers and access new capacity with confidence. All Marketplace carriers are verified by Emerge and have completed paperwork on file.

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