Dynamic Book it Now

Instant booking drives action and cost savings

Dynamic Book It Now enables Shippers to create spot quotes for instant booking. Built-in spot rate recommendations provide market rate intelligence saving you time and money.

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Intelligence embedded at your fingertips

Machine learning that brings Market data & procurement insights straight to your team.

Instant freight booking

Dynamic Book It Now enables quotes posted to the Marketplace to be booked instantly by a Carrier. Skip rate negotiations to save time and secure coverage fast.

Market rate intelligence

Unsure how to price a load? Powered by Rate Pulse, Dynamic Book It Now uses current freight rates and historical awards data to provide market rate insights that move freight. You set the floor and ceiling rate so auto-increment can get to work. No manual adjustments needed.

Only providers you trust

Quotes reach your entire network, but for added control and peace of mind you can define which providers are eligible to book instantly using Auto Book Partners.