RFP Optimization

Smarter RFPs start here

Dynamic RFP’s data analysis tool, Scenarios, thinks like you do. See strategy outcomes in minutes for faster, smarter RFPs.

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Intelligence embedded at your fingertips

Machine learning that brings Market data & procurement insights straight to your team.

Lowest cost optimization made easy

Scenarios’ Lowest Cost Optimization analyzes event data to pull the lowest cost option for each lane offering you a complete picture of what cost savings looks like for your event.

Custom constraint scenarios

Easily direct scenarios to consider your unique business needs, so that delivered outcomes satisfy requirements that are important to your organization.

Dashboard reporting insights

Choose from a variety of metrics or create your own to customize reporting dashboards for any scenario. Get the complete picture of your scenario's impact

Manual Awarding

Dynamic RFP supports manual allocation. Hand-pick bids by lane to create customized scenarios unique to your understanding.

Award any scenario

You’ve tested your strategies in minutes. It’s just as easy to put your plan into action. Award your preferred Scenario with a single click.