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3 Ways Carriers Can Promote Safety

January 4, 2023

1 - Use technology

Many systems available today can be part of a new truck's specifications. Anti-locking brake systems (ABSs), Crash Warning, and Blind Spot Monitoring systems can help drivers operate safely even when faced with congestion, road work, weather events, or other unexpected situations.

Technology can also help carriers analyze the factors that lead to the most accidents in their operations. ELDs and other systems offer data that provide insights into many unsafe practices, such as frequent hard braking or drivers operating outside of HOS rules. By analyzing the types of accidents or violations most common across their networks, carriers can help identify training opportunities that will impact their operations.

2 - Ensure equipment is well-maintained 

Improperly maintained equipment is another common cause of accidents and other safety issues. Tire blowouts and malfunctioning brakes can both have consequences with varying degrees of severity. But these situations often result from problems that usually take time to develop, and proper maintenance would help avoid accidents.

Carriers must provide scheduled ongoing preventive maintenance and have standards that indicate a unit may need to be "retired" due to age or other mechanical problems. Once again, carriers can use technology to identify when it is time for preventive maintenance for their fleet.

3 - Focus on best practices

There are many tasks a driver must complete before getting behind the wheel of a truck. Pre-trip inspections are one of the most basic yet very important. These only take a few moments and can help a driver identify potential issues that need to be addressed before their unit is road-worthy. There are other "rules of the road" that drivers with the best safety records can share with their peers.


These are just a few ways that carriers can improve safety. Combined with a corporate commitment to safety, these actions can benefit carriers, the shippers they serve, and other motorists.

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