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Enhancing Confidence and Efficiency: Emerge's Premier Carrier Program Strengthens the RFP Process

July 17, 2023

Emerge has taken a leap forward with the launch of its Premier Carrier Program. Designed to instill confidence in shippers' RFP bids and provide growth opportunities for carriers, this program marks a significant step towards transforming freight procurement and logistics operations.

Unveiling a Game-Changing Solution

The Premier Carrier Program, offered exclusively to carriers with 50 or more trucks in their fleet with a positive performance metrics, delivers an added layer of confidence and efficiency for shippers. By granting visibility into carrier performance and metrics before awarding an RFP, shippers gain the advantage of assessing carrier capabilities and making more informed decisions. This level of insight saves valuable time in the sourcing and onboarding process, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish.

Benefits for Shippers

Shippers, particularly those procuring large volumes of freight without the resources of a dedicated logistics team, will find immense value in the Premier Carrier Program. The program enables shippers to effortlessly invite Emerge-qualified carriers to their bids and accelerate the preparation and awarding of RFPs. Furthermore, shippers gain access to a database of top-performing carriers who have already met critical screening requirements. This invaluable program empowers shippers to manage their shipping pipeline with precision, securing the best carriers for their business with confidence.

Empowering Carriers

Carriers are equally poised to benefit from Emerge's Premier Carrier Program. By participating in the program, carriers gain a competitive edge in pricing and unlock new lanes of opportunity directly. The program's transparency ensures that carriers have visibility into other bids for each lane, leveraging market data to fine-tune their pricing strategies and remain competitive. Additionally, Emerge's Q&A feature allows carriers to engage with shippers, clarifying expectations before committing to a lane and reducing the risk of misunderstandings. Moreover, Emerge's commitment to quick payment terms for completed deliveries provides carriers with the peace of mind and financial stability necessary for sustained growth.

Reinventing Freight Procurement

Emerge's Premier Carrier Program represents a paradigm shift in freight procurement. By offering a sophisticated procurement technology, Emerge enables shippers to save valuable time, make informed decisions, and effectively manage their freight. Simultaneously, carriers gain access to a wealth of market insights, ensuring they can adjust pricing strategies, access new growth opportunities, and build long-term partnerships.


With the launch of the Premier Carrier Program, Emerge is propelling the freight procurement industry into a new era of efficiency, transparency, and confidence. Shippers and carriers alike stand to benefit from the program's comprehensive features, which streamline operations, facilitate growth, and foster fruitful collaborations. As Emerge continues to innovate and empower the logistics ecosystem, the Premier Carrier Program serves as a testament to the company's commitment to reinvent freight procurement and elevate the success of its partners in the ever-evolving logistics landscape.

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