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New World of Possibilities with Emerge at the FreightWaves Future of Supply Chain Event

June 9, 2022

Emerge was excited to be part of the FreightWaves event, the Future of Supply Chain, an event that brought together some of the heaviest hitters in the supply chain space today – from shippers to technology providers.

Here are three key takeaways from Emerge: 

1) Freight Procurement is the first step in achieving supply chain success

Freight procurement is a critical part of managing your supply chain. Shippers are looking at how, why, and when they should execute bids allowing them to be more strategic in their decisions. 

The streamlined and automated Emerge RFP solution makes it possible for shippers to have more frequent bids and to expand their networks with more carriers. In the past, the RFP process for freight was often executed manually, with spreadsheets and email. This was time-consuming for shippers and carriers.

Now, shippers can expand their networks because the process is more efficient. Carriers also appreciate the expedited bid process, and companies that offer this experience are more likely to be Shippers of Choice. 

(Jake Papa shares best practices in freight procurement today in this FreightWaves NOW segment.)

2) Data rules 

Having the tools to execute RFP events has reinvented the bid process. Now, Emerge Benchmarking, which was introduced at the FreightWaves event, takes the RFP reinvention to a new level - providing real-time business intelligence that empowers shippers to make data-enabled decisions about when, what, and how to bid on specific lanes.

(This demo by Jake Papa and Colin Ristig shows how you can make technology work for you.)

3) The future is now

Clearly, there is no going back to past practices. It takes a different approach to succeed in supply chain management today or tomorrow. Andrew Leto, Founder, and CEO of Emerge spoke during a Fireside chat with George Abernathy, President of Emerge.

Leto shared a vision of a future where perfected procurement is enabled by real-time and historical data that enables both shippers and carriers to be as efficient as possible to grow their businesses.(Check out this Fireside Chat with our Founder and CEO Andrew Leto and George Abernathy, President of Emerge.)

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