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Introducing Rate Pulse

February 2, 2023

Move freight faster using Emerge Rate Pulse an innovative new tool that puts spot rate recommendation intelligence at your fingertips 

Rate Pulse helps you move freight faster by suggesting an at-market rate for your shipment. Backed by the power of third-party data and historical rate data for a specific lane, you can access on-demand rate insights you can trust. 

You save time because you do not have to send multiple emails or make numerous telephone calls to ask carriers or brokers what they would likely charge to handle a shipment in a specific lane. With Rate Pulse, you have up-to-date spot rate insights at a glance. 

Know market rates for a lane before you hit the Spot Market!

As you build your quote for the Spot Marketplace, Rate Pulse analyzes market and historical data for your lane to display an estimated market rate. You can compare bids to the rate range displayed or confidently set a Book It Now price to save time covering your load. 

With Rate Pulse, it is easy to build Book It Now quotes in minutes, streamlining your processes and helping you get your load covered faster. Leverage Rate Pulse data to make sure your quote reflects current market rates so you can get a Carrier to cover your load without leaving money on the table.

Rate Pulse is one of many innovative solutions Emerge introduced to the freight industry

Rate Pulse is the latest solution designed to help you make data-enabled decisions that save time and money in freight sourcing. Emerge is revolutionizing the freight industry through its award-winning Freight Procurement Platform. Built by freight professionals for freight professionals, Emerge offers solutions that enhance the procurement process and provide current benchmarking data, enabling shippers and carriers to make more empowered strategic decisions. Since being founded by industry visionary Andew Leto in 2017, Emerge has changed the game - benefiting shippers, carriers, and all stakeholders in the freight procurement process.

To learn more about Rate Pulse and other Emerge solutions, visit The Emerge website provides information about a variety of tools that can help you improve the freight procurement process including. the Dynamic RFP . This is one of many powerful technologies that are helping customers streamline processes, save money, and feel confident in their data-enabled decisions.

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