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The Benefits of Building Mini RFPs for Shippers

April 14, 2023

As a shipper in the supply chain industry, you know that reducing costs and increasing efficiency are both essential for success. Developing mini Request for Proposals (RFPs) is one way to do exactly that. But why should you go through the hassle of creating mini RFPs? Let’s break it down. 

What Are Mini RFPs or Mini Bids? 

Mini RFPs or Mini Bids are a great way to get competitive rates on small projects or shipments. They're a condensed version of traditional RFPs which involve sending out bids to multiple carriers and receiving quotes from each one. With mini RFPs, the process is much faster since there are fewer steps involved and fewer carriers to contact. This means that you can receive quotes quickly and make decisions sooner. Plus, mini RFPs don't require as much paperwork as full-scale ones do, making them even more time-efficient!  

Combat Against Freight Rate Fluctuations 

One of the main benefits of building mini RFPs is cost savings. By receiving multiple quotes from different carriers, you can compare prices and select the most cost-effective option for your shipment. Additionally, mini RFPs allow you to build relationships with carriers over time which can help you secure better deals in the future. Furthermore, by creating mini RFPs regularly, you'll be able to take advantage of freight rate fluctuations in real-time which can help reduce shipping costs even further.  

Using Supply Chain Analytics Tools 

Thanks to advances in technology, there are now tools available that make building mini RFPs easier than ever before such as the Emerge Dynamic RFP platform. These supply chain analytics tools allow you to automatically generate multiple quotes from different carriers in a matter of seconds so that you can quickly compare prices and select the best option for your project freight needs. This eliminates much of the legwork involved in creating traditional RFPs while still helping shippers save money on their shipments!  

In conclusion, building mini Request for Proposals (RFPs) is an effective way for shippers to reduce costs and increase efficiency by comparing prices between different carriers and selecting the most cost-effective option for their shipment needs. Plus, with modern supply chain analytics tools available today it's easier than ever before to create these mini RFP's automatically and quickly receive multiple quotes from various carriers within seconds. So if you're looking to save money on project freight or any other shipments then building mini RFP's should definitely be part of your strategy!

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