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Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management: Emerge Partners with e2open for Shippers Seeking Spot Freight Solutions

August 18, 2023

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world of logistics and supply chain management, innovation is the driving force behind success. We are excited to unveil an exciting collaboration to optimize supply chain operations with the strategic partnership between Emerge and e2open.

Empowering Supply Chain Excellence

Emerge, renowned as a trailblazer in innovative freight procurement solutions, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with e2open, the connected supply chain SaaS platform with the largest multi-enterprise network. This collaboration leverages the collective expertise of both companies to revolutionize how shippers and carriers make strategic decisions and optimize their supply chain operations.

Designed by freight professionals for freight professionals, Emerge's freight procurement platform equips shippers and carriers with powerful tools to make data-driven decisions, all supported by real-time connectivity. The platform offers an array of remarkable features, including the game-changing Dynamic Book it Now, the Emerge Marketplace comprising over 45k+ quality carriers, and the Premier Carrier Program. These capabilities empower shippers with the insights they need to make informed choices while streamlining their procurement processes.

On the other side of this dynamic partnership, e2open stands tall as a global powerhouse in supply chain management technology. With the increasing complexity and interconnectivity of modern supply chains, having an integrated platform like e2open's is no longer just an advantage—it's a necessity for efficiently managing end-to-end processes and responding rapidly to evolving challenges.

Seamless Integration for Optimized Operations

The Emerge and e2open partnership seamlessly integrates Emerge's Spot Marketplace with e2open's Transportation Management (TMS). For users of e2open's platform, this means effortless access to Emerge for spot pricing, complete with the game-changing Dynamic Book it Now functionality. Furthermore, e2open users gain entry to a vast network of over 45,000 carriers, in addition to the esteemed Emerge Premier Carrier Program. This integration exponentially boosts capacity options for shippers, perfectly complementing their existing network partners. All processes, from tendering to load execution and tracking, are unified through e2open, ensuring an optimized and streamlined workflow for shippers.

Unveiling the Game-Changing Features

At the heart of Emerge's platform lie innovative features designed to redefine procurement excellence:

  1. Dynamic Book it Now (DBIN): This revolutionary tool empowers shippers to set a starting and ceiling rate for their spot quote. The system then automatically adjusts the rate incrementally towards the ceiling rate during the bidding period. This automated dynamic pricing mechanism eliminates the need for constant manual rate adjustments, saving precious time and ensuring cost efficiency.
  1. Rate Pulse: To maximize savings, shippers can utilize Rate Pulse, a spot benchmarking tool that provides real-time market rates and Emerge lane history. This data-driven feature empowers shippers to confidently set rates for DBIN, enabling carriers to book instantly without the need for conventional bidding.
  1. The Emerge Marketplace: With over 45,000 carriers, the marketplace offers unparalleled access to capacity and rate competition. Additionally, the Premier Carrier Program, carefully curated by Emerge, provides shippers direct access to marketplace carriers known for their exceptional performance metrics and extensive fleets. This program enhances the procurement process with added reliability and quality.

By capitalizing on the Emerge and e2open partnership, shippers enjoy direct access to Emerge's platform while retaining visibility into carrier details and performance. The days of setting up new carriers are behind us, as this streamlined process not only saves valuable time but also assures reliability and quality backed by the extensive Emerge network.

Driving the Future of Logistics

By integrating cutting-edge technology, real-time connectivity, and industry expertise, this partnership is poised to redefine efficiency, competitiveness, and empowerment across the logistics landscape.

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