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Emerge Launches Premier Partner Program to Connect High-Quality Carriers to Exclusive Shipper RFP Events

April 12, 2023

Emerge, the breakthrough freight procurement platform, has recently launched the Premier Partner Program aimed to facilitate direct contact between high-quality carriers with large fleets and enterprise-level shippers through RFP events. With this program, shippers can have visibility to carrier performance and metrics before awarding their RFP, saving time in sourcing and onboarding new carriers. Meanwhile, carrier partners can access new opportunities while also having visibility over other bids to stay competitive in pricing strategies. This program is set to transform freight procurement and logistics operations.

The Premier Partner Program offers numerous benefits for shippers including the ability to quickly search for and invite Emerge-qualified carriers with ease, allowing them to receive streamlined bid submissions and enabling them to prepare and award RFPs more quickly. This program is particularly useful for shippers needing to procure large amounts of freight regularly but without the resources of a logistics team to manage the process.

Moreover, shippers can get access to top-performing carriers in Emerge’s database, who have already met screening requirements for essential criteria such as insurance and safety compliance regulations. With the deep insights provided by Emerge, they can better manage their shipping pipeline and make more informed decisions when it comes to finding and assigning the best carriers for their business.

Carriers also benefit significantly from the Premier Partner Program. By being a part of this program, carriers can remain competitive in terms of their pricing and access new lanes directly while finding opportunities to grow. With complete transparency on other bids for each lane, carriers can benefit from market data and adjust their pricing strategies to be more competitive. Moreover, Emerge's Q&A feature before committing to lanes with a shipper helps ensure carriers understand expectations for each lane, eliminating the possibility of any misunderstandings. As an added bonus, carriers can be assured that Emerge honors quick payment terms for all completed deliveries.

In summary, Emerge's Premier Partner Program provides sophisticated procurement technology that adds so many benefits to the carrier and shipper companies alike. Shippers can save time spent on sourcing and onboarding, make more informed decisions, and better manage their shipping pipeline, while carriers can have visibility into other bids and adjust their pricing strategies to be more competitive, as well as access new opportunities to grow.

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