Procuring spot freight has never been easier

Gain full end-to-end visibility into your spot freight transactions by using the only freight procurement platform built for freight professionals. And did we mention it’s free?

More options. Better spot rates

Bring your network of carriers that you know and trust. And get instant access to over 35K+ vetted carriers within the Emerge network. Emerge’s Spot Procurement platform gives shippers and the tools they need to move their freight efficiently anywhere.

Introducing Capacity Link

Get real-time rates with API connections to top digital freight brokers.

Many shippers rely on the flexibility and capacity that digital freight brokers can bring when procuring their freight. Capacity Link was designed to bring shippers and digital brokers together in the Emerge Freight Procurement Platform using always-on API data connections. Tap into rates from companies such as Uber or Convoy and compare them to marketplace or network partners, all in real time. 

Manage, Tender & Track Spot - All From One Place

Take control of your spot freight spend.

Emerge gives you more options when other options fall through. Save time and money with competitive rates, access to vetted carriers, and real-time tender acceptance.  Gain valuable insight into your spot freight with analytics and reporting tools that reveal missed savings and deliver true transparency.

TMS Capabilities

Get out of your inbox and spreadsheets with a simple, straight-forward Light TMS platform designed with efficiency and cost-savings in mind.

Supercharge your spot freight procurement with Emerge.

Emerge has shown top companies how to streamline their procurement and cut costs. 
And it’s free to use.